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4th July 2012

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Tumblr Social Justice is really starting to remind me of a religion.

The movement was founded on a few core concepts that nearly everyone can agree are good - be a good person, help people, and make the world a better place for all.

The movement also came with its set of prohibited actions that nearly all would also agree are bad - various types of bigotry. To keep people in line and avoiding these prohibited actions, the concept of privilege (sin) was introduced. Although privilege was a near-inescapable concept, for nearly everyone had privilege in from way, shape or form, one could be absolved of their privilege by the SJ community by checking their privilege (repenting).

However, as the movement evolved, people began to interpret the tenants of SJ differently. While some people stuck to the core forms of bigotry to be avoided, others expanded the list of words, ideas, and actions that should be avoided. Some of these privileges were accepted by members of the SJ community - others, not so much. Some of the SJ extremists even began making up their own forms of privilege, perhaps to remind others of the fact that privilege is all-encompassing and inescapable, but more likely, to make themselves feel superior to others. Other members of the community became increasingly dogmatic, declaring that anyone who dared question their version of SJ, regardless of how controversial it was to outsiders, was to be automatically deemed a heretic and THE WORST PERSON EVVVAAAARRRRRR!

As with any religion, these extremists are a small, but vocal minority. While most members of the SJ community are perfectly nice people who believe in equality and  want to be as nice as they can, the most (in)famous members of the community are the radicals who everyone, including the community itself, wishes would shut up or at least tone it down before they give the entire movement a bad name.

Tagged: ughjust for clarificationI wrote this when the whole issue about people identifying as transethnic and claiming that they were oppressed in that regard was going onalong with other people just being...really nasty about other thingsand I was getting kind of annoyed with itI have been educating myself a lot on oppression issues since I wrote thisand I really do try and support anyone who is facing oppression and unfair treatment in their lives

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